Sunday, December 30, 2012

Year 2, Day # 97 - Soup or Cereal

Most times this is my organic chicken soup, but every now and then it is my hot breakfast cereal. This morning it was hot cereal. Four years ago my medical doctor told me to make and eat a lot of chicken soup, with vegetables and herbs. My lungs were congested and I also had pneumonia, plus copd, basically just about everything that can go wrong in a lung without death itself. 
And so I have been making chicken soup ever since. I buy a few fatty thighs  at the health food store and cook them with a whole clove of garlic and a vegetable, usually carrot or kale. I then freeze the soup in small meal size containers. Every few days I heat the chicken, add a grain instead of noodles and season the soup with Cayenne Pepper, ginger root and lemon juice, plus a raw tomato.

This morning I ate this as a hot cereal because a lot of people are sick. Within the last four years my lungs have healed and are clear as a whistle. God healed but this soup helped, plus prayer and anointing with oil.


  1. Looks very good. This is what I need, been coughing for the past two weeks. Will give it a try.
    Happy New Year Katie

  2. Katie! Good to hear you are doing well! My beef soup last week had barley in it ... mmmm!!!

  3. Wonder how your soup would work on Lung Cancer?

    1. I have no idea. For me I was coughing all the time and it got worse over the years. I am a Little Person and it is very common for us born in Ohio to have this cough due to congested lungs. Research has not been able to find the cause for us to have such lungs.

    2. If you would be so kind as to post the exact recipie for said soup,I would like to give it a try. I had part of a lung removed due to Cancer last year and am thinking perhaps your soup would be a good prevenative measure against Cancer returning.