Monday, March 11, 2013

Year 2, Day # 178 - Allen & Barbara Hershberger

This couple Allen & Barbara Hershberger came into the park early afternoon basically to watch Anna Mary paint the mural on the side of the pavilion. I noticed them for reasons I wasn't sure. They were definitely not from the area. Tonight I went back to the park to see what progress Anna Mary had accomplished since early afternoon. I wasn't much more there when this very same couple walked up and took a keen interest in the mural. So I up and asked them if they are artists? That started the conversation. I found out they are Hershbergers, they are from Ohio, they speak Pennsylvania Dutch, they were Amish at one time. 
If you are in Pinecraft you connect one way or the other and you dig in until you find that connection. Turns out I knew of Allen's parents Jacob Hershberger when they lived at Gorrie Ontario, while I was living at Aylmer Ontario. Barbara's lineage was the biggest surprise, as I used to know her great-grandparents, Rube and Sovilla Miller from Geauga County Ohio. I also knew her grandparents, Levi and Sarah Hershberger from Andover Ohio. I know many of her grandmother Sarah's cousins. It is a small world.

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