Saturday, March 16, 2013

Year 2, Day # 183 - Fruit Turnovers

My heart always melts when I see children having a roadside stand, selling food or whatever. I remember the feeling of making a few quarters and dreaming of getting rich. I usually stop and buy if I have cash on me. 
Today Eli Mullet was selling Fruit Turnovers in his grandparents' yard. I had biked pass and turned around to see what he is selling. I hadn't even stopped my bike when he was in on his salesman talk, asking if I want an Apple or Raspberry Turnover. They are five cents each. He said 5 cents, the sign says 25 cents, I handed him a $1 bill wanting to see what kind of change he is going to give me. He didn't make any change but stuck it in his jar. Done deal. It tickled me to pieces. I biked off savoring every bite. On my return ride his older brother was sitting at the stand. He jumped up to give me my change of 25 cents. But then their grandma Laura met me with a handful of quarters and I got all the change back that was due.

It takes little things like this to make my day and also their day.

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  1. How kind and generous of you, Katie. It's not the money, but the thought of helping others succeed in their endeavors that is the real blessing you gave.!