Friday, April 12, 2013

Year 2, Day # 203, 204, 205 ,206, 207

 April 5th, the Rehearsal of Leah Miller and Atlee Troyer. This is the time when they just pretend to get married. The real thing comes the following day.

 April 6th, The real Wedding of Nephew Atlee Troyer and Leah.

 April 7th, Will it never warm up? The trees are still bare, while the underbrush was just starting to show green.

 April 8th, My Sister Edna and I visiting with our great-great niece. I didn't know we are this old for we both feel young, young at heart.

 April 9th, Many blessings were shared around the table of Lena Schlabach with these ladies: Amy Anstine Schlabach, Barb Chalmers, Lena Schlabach and Rebecca Miller.

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