Thursday, April 25, 2013

Year 2, Day # 224 - Burn Out

Yesterday right in the middle of brewing my cup of coffee this little burner had a burnout and died. It had served me faithfully for ten years more or less. I had bought it at Wal-Mart at a very cheap price and it kept on working day in and day out until yesterday. 

So I had to do something else. Now a days when I want to buy something I get on the web and see what is available and read the reviews before I buy. The cheapest and most expensive burners had one thing in common, not as many good reviews, and so I chose a middle priced one, placed my order and added a little bit of postage for next day shipping. Late afternoon I got a notice the new burner has been shipped from Phoenix Arizona and at noon today the Fed-Ex lady knocked on my door with the package. All told from the time I placed the order until I had the burner in my hands was 26 hours. 

So today I enjoyed freshly brewed coffee and hot chicken soup.    

1 comment:

  1. Just amazing how fast things are mailed. Enjoy your coffee. Ice tea is nice also. Van Shteffy...Michigan