Monday, May 20, 2013

Year 2. Day # 249 My Wall Clock

As a Christmas gift in 1998 Dad gave each of us children a clock like this. For over eight years my clock was very faithful, just ticking away the time, but then it just quit. I changed the batteries, nothing would get the clock back to ticking off the minutes and finally I gave up trying to get it to go and left it hanging on the wall until such a time I would get new works to put in. But the time came when I had it taken off the wall so visitors would quit offering to change the battery. 

Today I took it out of the drawer because I want to stick it in my luggage to take with me to Ohio on Wednesday when I leave here on the bus. Suddenly it occurred to me that just maybe the battery compartment might be corroded and sure enough it was. I scraped it a bit with a paring knife and put in a new battery and off it went. So it has been ticking ever since. It is not showing the correct time yet but the instructions said it may take up to 24 hours for the clock to reset itself. If it won't reset until I pack my bags I'll stick it in the suitcase and get new works put in up in Holmes County. To me this is more than just a clock, it is a treasure I have from my Dad. 


  1. I love the clock! Do u know where ur dad got it from? I would love to get one like it!

  2. At a local clock shop but the man passed away in the meantime. Once or twice a year an Andy Weaver catalog is send out along with The Budget that has the very same clocks. But I don't know how to get a hold of the catalog. Maybe browse online.