Sunday, May 26, 2013

Year 2, Day # 251 ,252, 253, 254, 255 - Catching Up

I had no Internet service at my sister's place so I barely got on the Internet while I as in Ohio. But another reasons was out and about about as soon as I Got off the Pioneer bus in Berlin Ohio, so I am catching up tonight.

 Wednesday: These are the children of Johnny Yoder's Dan's Eli's Raymond's Allen's from Danville Ohio. The three youngest ones are getting ready to board the Pioneer bus with their Mother to head back home while the oldest son stays in Pinecraft with his Dad until he is finished taking treatments from a doctor.

 Thursday: Nancy Ebersole Good and I went sightseeing Thursday evening. We headed south in the Sugarcreek area. While we were acting like tourists dark black clouds came rolling in over the hills and valleys when people starting scrambling out of the fields with their horses and walking as fast as they could toward home and shelter. We followed this fellow and snapped pictures. He turned around and grinned every now and then without slowing down. He made it before the rain came.

 Friday: In Walnut Creek overlooking the valley on the backside of Der Dutchman's.

 Saturday: After visiting my sister-in-law who is recovering from cancer treatments and a bit of shopping, we went north of Mt Hope to drive around looking for interesting things to see. After all we were tourist from Florida. I decided to see the home my Troyer Grandmother owned and lived. My first memories of this place was during my Troyer Doddy's funeral when I was three years old, almost to the date of his death 57 years ago. Grandmother died in 1971 and that pretty well ended our times in this home. The only things that didn't change is the shade trees surrounding the house and the garden is still on the same plot of land.
 Sunday: Nancy and I do well at changing plans in the spur of the moment. So instead of going back to Florida from Ohio like we had previously, we are doing a layover for a few days in North Carolina. I am at Cousin Abe & Iva's place while Nancy spends time with her husband Ron in the Raleigh area. We started off this morning a few minutes after 9am and pretty well drove through to Mocksville with only a few pit stops, I didn't have any picture for today and so I took one of Iva reading her Facebook.


  1. Was great seeing you on your short but sweet stay here.

  2. Hello Kathie.

    Thank you for sharing these few moment of sunshine in our lives.
      A soon May
    the Lord bless all our brothers and sisters Amish and Mennonites.

  3. Katie,
    What a nice picture of your grandparents place.Didnt relize it at first but then while trying to figure out where it was at. Wow we lived there from 72 to 81. Then remembered we brought it from the Troyer estate. The garden was alot bigger then now, was always a nice garden. Love your pictures...

    1. Are you one of Mike's Sollie's girls? I thought one of them bought it.

    2. Katie,
      Yep sure am.