Saturday, June 8, 2013

Year 2, Day # 268 - Team Work at Throwing 2x4's

This morning I went out biking and am glad I did as it is raining tonight. But anyway I looked Graber Ave and saw men at work on the new house, so I biked closer and watched a bit. I saw team work which took practice. The man on the ground did all the measuring and cutting of the pieces the guy on the top of the house needed. They conversed in Spanish so their actions spoke. The man on the ground would measure, cut the piece and then measure again. When he was certain he had the right cut he walked over and aimed the two-by-four and gave it a mighty heave. Before he saw me watching he made the throw perfect, while the guy on the roof caught it with his left hand. After he knew I was watching he had a bid more difficulty in throwing that board up. I moved on before I was told to leave.


  1. Yea, maybe it's something about OSHA and workman's comp insurance that made the fellow throwing the wood a little nervous, since he wasn't wearing a hard hat! He might have thought you were working undercover for the gov't, Katie!

    1. Me, working undercover for the gov't!