Monday, June 17, 2013

Year 2, Day # 277 - Amish Wash Day

The Amish don't do laundry. Instead they consider Monday "Vash Dog" (wash day). Today is Monday, so today Amish wash hangs on the line in Pinecraft. Here is the evidence.

During my growing up years Monday was always "Wash Day" rain or shine except for a few times. If it rained Mom hung the wash in the basement. On cold days the heat from the furnace dried the wash. Mom had her established routine week after week as long as he could do her work. 
Monday was washday.
Tuesday she ironed.
Wednesday whatever.
Thursday whatever.
Friday finishing up the tasks of the week.
Saturday,the weekly cleaning, until the house was spotless. 
The yard was mowed.
The windows were washed in the kitchen and living room.
And the pantry was full of baked goodies.

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