Sunday, June 30, 2013

Year 2, Day # 290 - Rip Currents at The Beach

Tonight Nancy, Nettie and I went to The Beach. This was not at the more well known beaches like Lido and Siesta, but is simply called The Beach. I think it is the first public beach on Longboat Key, a very quiet little beach that holds only about ten cars in the parking lot. Anyway it is one of my favorite spots because of the privacy. We didn't get a sunset, Instead we had Rip Currents. I have never been to a Florida beach that had such high and rough waves. These Rib Currents are mostly caused by the moon's gravitational pull and according to the Internet more death are caused by Rip Currents in Florida per year then thunderstorms, hurricanes  and tornadoes combined. It was beautiful and once again I came home with an outrageous amount of pictures but with the digital camera, well why not?

This picture is my very first glimpse of the beach tonight.


  1. Love it Katie! We had such a wonderful, relaxing, and peaceful evening out there. :)

    1. Yes, we had a very good evening. I enjoyed every moment of it. Tomorrow I want to post more on the Pinecraft/Sarasota blog.

    2. I can't wait! Sweet dreams Katie.