Friday, July 5, 2013

Year 2, Day # 295 - Met Mr Hello Dawley

Tonight I wanted company or at least be with people, with someone to visit and gab. I knew just where to go and whom to take with me. So I biked pass the apartments at the Laundromat and sure enough Charlotte saw my bike flag wave at her as I passed her front window. I think she knew what I wanted. So she put on her sandals and walked with me to Big Olaf, where we each got a cup of ice cream. While we were enjoying our visit this old gentleman got out of a red car and carefully walked up to get his share of ice cream.

By the way he was dressed and handled himself and the expression on his face I knew he was no ordinary person. And that he is comfortable in his own skin. So I asked if he is having a good day? Well, it was raining again. Thought he might not be having a good day. He didn't hesitate telling us every day is a good day. He carefully went in and got his ice cream and on the way out he stopped again and asked me if I know such and such a person who used to be in the circus? She was a Little Person. Turns out this man is Hello Dawley and was very active in the circus in his younger years. He wasn't involved in the Ringling Brothers but there was another circus down here. 

The couple bought a carry out dinner at Yoder's Restaurant and bought dessert at Big Olaf. After visiting a bit he walked to the car and got in the driver's seat. His wife was in the back and the dog was in the front passenger seat. I am assuming they went home and ate their dinner before it got cold and their ice cream before it got hot.


  1. He looks like a character. What a fun night. Even with rain. :)

  2. Katie, I look forward to your posts every day.