Sunday, July 7, 2013

Year 2, Day # 297 - Erma Skips Church

Erma skipped church this morning because her car keys were no where to be found. She looked at all the normal places, plus high and low but no keys showed up.Finally she called her sister asking for a ride to church. Her sister refused to pick her up, instead telling her she needs a day of rest. So Erma consented to stay at home. But she couldn't rest until she found the missing keys, knowing they have to be in the house. When all else failed she replayed in her mind she previous evening. 
She took Annie the dog for a walk on a leash. 
She came back home.
She unlocked the door.
She walked into the house.
She put the leash back into the drawer.
Something in her mind clicked.
She pulled open the drawer.
She found her keys.
She rested for many hours.
She is refreshed. 

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