Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Year 2, Day # 299 - Packing Bags

Tonight and tomorrow morning I will be packing bags. Years ago packing a suitcase was so easy. I had no doctor's appointments and medical prescriptions to be filled. Those were the days when you didn't need many vitamins or diet pills. Best of all back then nobody thought of packing a computer and all the other electronic trinkets.

Instead you just filled the suitcase with the bare necessities and be sure you packed a black dress, a matching cape and apron, black stockings and black shoes, and a few other dark colored dresses. One or two coverings. Your bonnet and shawl and maybe a coat and scarf. Snapped the suitcase shut and marched out the door and enjoyed your trip. 

But it is a bit different today. First of all I had made arrangements to travel to Ohio via Pioneer Trails, but I changed my mind. I admit I am getting older and this time bus travel looked like an insurmountable mountain. The bus for tomorrow is loaded and I love loaded buses when I am not a passenger. Whenever the bus leaves Pinecraft loaded to the brim it brings me great joy because of all the action and the photo opportunities. But this time it is different for me. I just can't see myself take a twenty plus hour bus ride and step right into a family funeral, when my strength is already sapped. 
So I counted my money and looked for a plane ticket. The ticket I found pleased me beyond measure, so I called my sister to see if someone will meet me at the Canton/Akron Airport? When that was favorably confirmed. I ordered a plane ticket flying from Sarasota. I called Lovina at the Pioneer office and canceled the bus ride. I called Andy Byler the local taxi driver asking if he can take me to SRQ? He said he will take me. 
So now I finish packing, but no shoes, no coat, no bonnet, no shawl. Instead I take one dress, a few skirts and blouses, shod my feet with sandals. (I have to take them off anyways at security.) I pack small containers of pills, medications, creams. I pack a little computer and whatever goes with it. I pack a camera or two and my phone. I will take a computer break as the Holmes County valleys don't have much Internet service unless they have cable and my sister and her husband don't have cable. This is fine with me because I am going to be out and about. But whenever I do have Internet service I will update this blog.     


  1. I know what you mean. I used to pack a book and hand sewing for entertainment. Now I pack a book, an iPad, my phone, my computer and all the chargers, and handsewing.

  2. You amaze me Ms. Katie. I hope your travels go well and that you are able to visit, and enjoy yourself despite the circumstance. At age 27, I would not look forward to a twenty hour bus ride either!