Friday, September 13, 2013

Year 2, Day # 365 - Happy Dance

I have completed my second year doing Project 365. Which gives me a "Happy Dance"

and worn out sneakers. My sneakers wear out not from walking but from biking. Maybe I will wear my new sneakers tomorrow when I start the third year doing Project 365. I greatly enjoy looking for something to shoot every day for it keeps me alert and on my toes.

The Happy Dance, they were practicing dancing tonight at the park. I stayed in the background long enough to pick out some Spanish words. After seeing them time and again, I've noticed there is always the same older couple but not always the same youth.


  1. Katie - I think project 365 is an awesome blog, and look forward to your daily picture. So glad you are going to do it another year. Blessings. Lea

  2. I enjoy looking at your pictures each day. Just keep those happy feet taping..