Friday, September 20, 2013

Year 3, Day #7 - Up From the Deep and Down From the Heavens

 Maybe rocks are falling from the sky and skeletons coming up from the deep.

I have found both of these on the streets this week. A type of white rock I don't ever remember seeing was laying in the middle of Kaufman in front of the Knepp house or in that area. I picked it up because it was very white and broken. Then today I picked up this skeleton on the corner of Kaufman and Bahia Vista, among some sea shell gravel. The texture is leathery. Reminds me of a baby turtle that perished and went down into the deep with the sea shells before Florida was formed. The poor thing resurfaced and is put to work in serving as gravel for Yoder' Deli.

Of course I am just assuming the rock fell from the sky and the skeleton came up from the deep. 

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