Sunday, September 22, 2013

Year 3, Day # 9 - Corn Thief

Laura Beiler had offered me some pumpkins and gourds. So yesterday I stopped in a took a medium size pumpkin, four little gourds and two cobs of Indian Corn. 
After I was home I realized it wasn't a good idea to take the corn as most likely the squirrels will eat it. I left them in the plastic bag until I figured out how to protect the corn from the squirrels. 

This morning I heard a noise on the porch and saw a squirrel leave. According to the evidence he took a few bites of corn. In no time at all he returned to get more corn but he couldn't find or remember where the corn was. So he sniffed and looked all around the bag and left again. Came back again hunted around until he came to the opening of the bag. He looked to the left and the right and dived in after being assured nobody is around. I expected him to take a few kernels and sit and eat.  But instead he grabbed all the corn and took off in one blue streak.     

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  1. Squirrels are very crafty little animals! One year my Dad gathered black walnuts, hulled them, put them in a gunny sack and stored them in his garage. You guessed it..........the squirrels emptied the gunny sack for him. Right now they are very busy on our pecan tree. Like your gourds! Margaret from Missouri