Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Year 3, Day # 19 - The Three Men

This is not a good picture at all. But I had to wait to get out my camera until they had their backs turned. It was too dark to shoot without a flash and no way was I going to turn on the flash. 

I was coming home from the park and for some unknown reason I had biked to the park when it was almost too dark for a lone person to be out. But I am glad I went biking at that hour for it gave me a glimpse of park life after the sun goes down, before the Snow Birds arrive.

Owen was cooking up a meal on the grill. There were from 4-7 other people in the park. I biked out and headed home. At the end of Fry Street I nearly lost it when these three men carrying book bags walked out of the dark from Clarinda Street onto Fry. They didn't look and act homeless, yet they were unkept and straggly. They reminded me of Homeless Professors. The first one acknowledged my presence, the second one barely did, the third one wouldn't even lift up is head. Shame was written all over them. They went into the park.


  1. Katie,
    Please be careful. We don't like you to possibly be in harm's way.


    1. Thanks for your concern. I am careful even before I enter the park. I didn't know at the time when these guys crossed Kaufman to get on Fry that there were other people walking home from church right behind me and another one walking her dog a little bit to the right of me. It is not that I was alone on the streets or in the park.