Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Year 3, Day # 32 - A New Generation of Old People

I was so surprised to see John & Mary Ellen Troyer from Sugarcreek Ohio get off the bus. I asked Mary Ellen what in the world they are doing down here this time of the year? Normally they are here soon after Christmas and stay a few weeks, then get on the bus again for home. Mary Ellen said they bought a place on Ingram and they are here to fix and clean the place. That is reason enough to be down here in October.

This summer was so different. It was so quiet. There were almost zero activities at the park, except for a few homeless. But they just need a place to be and they never once raised a ruckus.

 Most of the older people are no longer here, either they passed away or moved to a nursing home or up north to be with family. I had mentioned this to an old time resident in Pinecraft and he said this cycle of no old people around happens about every eight years. So a new batch of young old people buy those homes and they become the next old people. This is where John and Mary Ellen fit in. I think they are pushing mid-sixty, so they are the young ones of the old people coming in.  Such is life.

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  1. Some very special "older" people are heading in on Sunday! Clarinda street will be "popping" very soon!