Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Year 3, Day # 53 - It is a Small World

 Tonight when I biked to Big Olaf, there sat this man licking ice cream just like the rest of us. He was even visiting with a lowly Pinecraft residence like the two knew each other. It didn't fit. Something was different, so I asked him if he is the vice president or a senator? No he wasn't. Well I gave up, but I was still drawn to him in fascination. When he walked out to Junior Miller and started a conversation, Les whispered to me that he is John Keim formerly from Holmes County Ohio and he has known him for years. I couldn't think of a John Keim until suddenly my light bulb went on and I almost flipped. We were in the same classroom in 1967-68 at Pleasant Hill School.  Small World, no wonder I was drawn to him. 

He has a Personalized Limo Service and he needed to go, so we didn't get to visit, but I hope I will meet up with him again.

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