Thursday, December 26, 2013

Year 3, Day # 104 - Clashing Cultures and Compassion

I biked to the park this afternoon. About as soon as I arrived an older lady, probably a grandma who was keeping an eye on children playing in the enclosed children's section. anyway she told me there is a homeless man sleeping on the picnic table right next to the playground and this makes her uneasy. I have long ago quit meshing the Summer People and the Snow Birds together during the winter months, for they will not mix. They are two separate cultures and will not mesh. I am okay with both groups. So I went to find somebody with authority, just a little bit of authority. I found Elmer's wife and she told Elmer. Bless Elmer's heart for he even went home for a bit of money to give to the guy. But when he returned the man was nowhere to be found. I saw him pack up to leave, but minutes later he was nowhere to be seen or found... 

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  1. maybe an angel in disguise!
    Mary Spaide