Monday, December 9, 2013

Year 3, Day # 87 - Bull Headed Power Struggle

Neither one of these trucks was going to budge this morning. Lowe's was first, sitting square on the street. The Garbage Truck had to pick up garbage and so one way or the other it had to get pass Lowe's truck. Being I live at the dead end street with very limited space to turn around, the truck backs up the street and drives out again. So this morning the garbage truck spent a long time tooting, whistling and grunting with only inches to spare until he was clear of Lowe's truck. Of course they reminded me of two bull heads getting their own way. Both won without causing an accident.


  1. This photo reminded me of waste management picking up garbage on my street. But here it usually ends up with the police department making who ever is blocking the street move.