Sunday, January 26, 2014

Year 3, Day # 135 - Sunday Feast

Today I was invited to a Yoder Feast at the Thomas Peachey home. These Yoders come from the Leroy and Amelia Yoder clan, first from The Valley and later from Juniata County in Pennsylvania. Anyway these Yoders are noted for their hearty meals. Nobody ever starve under their roofs, and so I was glad to be invited to feast with them. 

On this plate is meat from a South Dakota duck. I never did ask how the duck landed in Florida because it was a dead duck stuck in the freezer in Plains Montana before arriving at Thomas Peacheys in Pinecraft. The duck's journey started in SD where it was raised on a mini farm, was butchered and went to Plains MT, and then made it's pilgrimage to Florida via Manny & Fan (Yoder) Troyer. The beans are from Sam Yoder who lives in Virginia but are consumed in Florida. For dessert we had Big Olaf Ice Cream, because we ate off the Big Olaf's owner's table, Thomas Peachy. 

Anyway it was good eating and enjoyable fellowship.

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