Thursday, January 30, 2014

Year 3, Day # 139 - Desk Top Clutter

Today I wasn't outside, not once did I attempt to step outside. Nor did I care if this is a cold, wet miserable day. I needed a day like this to do some photo editing for a guy who hired me to take pictures and edit them so he can use them for his project. I also had a few family members stop in. But I had no photo to post tonight on this blog, so in desperation I took a shot at the clutter on my desk.


  1. Even your clutter pic is eye-catching. The pretzels look like a little piece of Escher art, or an edible Celtic knot. I learned about you and your work via PBS's site about the documentary 'Shunned'. I keep clicking on "older posts" because I don't want to stop seeing your photos, and reading your captions. The candor and authenticity and beauty makes me happy.

    Julie Mathis
    Dover, Tennessee