Friday, April 4, 2014

Year 3, Day # 203 - The Frog

When it comes to a frog on my door and out of my reach, I have the patience to wait. I came home after dark to be met on my steps by big frog eyes. The frog jumped ahead of me up the steps and on the door. And then to make it worse it climbed up the glass window and out of my reach. I had no intentions of harming the frog, for they are very valuable and have a frog life of catching insects. But I was not going to open my door, for I knew he would jump into my house ahead of me, and then I would be in a real mess. So I sat on my chair and looked at each other. Obviously he didn't like my looks and so slipped around on the glass for a while. I was going to wait it out regardless of how long it takes. The streets were empty, no help coming from there. Erma had only a dim light, so I didn't want to call her. Finally to my wondering eyes the frog gingerly stepped off the glass, and walked onto the door frame to sit for a spell, probably wondering where to go from there. But much to my relieve it got off the door jam and walked about a foot or so on the siding and sat down quietly. I waited for a little bit to see which direction he is going to take, but he just sat. I quickly opened the door, stepped inside, closed the door and locked it. Now we are both out of each others reach and happy. 

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