Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Year 3, Day # 214 - Amish Kappa Box

 I waited all winter for a good shot of an Amish Kappa Box. Today was that day. When I was growing up we had store bought Kappa Boxes, if we had any at all. But that was before ice cream was bought in one-gallon plastic containers. Most of the women who use these,  put their extra Kappa in during travel are from the communities that wear the Ohio/Indiana style Kappa. 

The top photo shows the bottom of the bucket. 

This photo shows the top, the lid of the bucket. It is padded which makes for a good pin cushion. All in all most women getting off or on the buses carry a plain ice cream bucket with their Kappa. The fancy decorated ones used to be quite popular years ago. They could be found in Amish Fabric Stores. But times change, custom changes even in very small ways and the younger generation wears the kerchief or veil for travel and for everyday, which actually makes more sense because they can be washed, dried and are ready for wear again, whereas the Kap needs more care and are more expensive if you buy they. This specific Kappa Box comes from a small community in Kentucky. 

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