Sunday, May 11, 2014

Year 3, Day # 241 - Lining up Marbles

Tonight four of us ladies lined up our marbles down at the park. Earlier in the evening Vera & Martha stopped by my house wanting to know if I want to play Aggravation? So they left for the park and I followed. We got out marbles lined up and chased each other back to base or won the game. Later Katie Beiler came biking in and so we partnered and were on two teams. 

The park was sort of a gathering place for more who went on bike rides or wanted company. Another group  consisted of Plumber Dan and Barbara, Leroy Helmuth, Enos Borntrager and Elvie Kauffman a taxi driver from Arthur IL. As the sun went down another group formed who had bikes and backpacks. 

This is summer in Pinecraft.

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