Thursday, May 15, 2014

Year 3, Day # 245 - Eyes to See You

 Tonight before I went on my third bike ride for the day I stopped in at Erma's as she was on the outside. She showed me this beautiful flower. I thinks she called it Ahola but I can't find any such flower by name, so I don't know how to spell it correctly.
Anyway as we were admiring the flowers we saw some eyes looking at us. Since we didn't want these eyes and legs to start jumping, Erma turned to put the planter back on the hook. When these eyes jumped out she caught sight of another pair of eyes in the planter. Those stayed put. Beautiful flowers and jumping Tree Frogs are just a part of everyday life in Pinecraft.


  1. Katie, I think that is a Hoya, or Wax Plant. I have one, although it's flowers are white, hanging in my office. I usually am unaware it's about to bloom until I walk past the office door, and catch a whiff of the sweetest smell! I love it! The flowers really almost look plastic, or unreal!

    1. Thanks Mary. It is a Hoya. I just now searched online and saw some pictures of them.