Monday, May 11, 2015

#4 The Smell

For the last three four days there is a certain smell, a bad stink after turning into the park. The stink is in front of Elmer Glick's house and the backside of Karl Kandel's apartments. Tonight when I was on the way out Chet Stoltzfus caught up with me at the "Smell", so I told him to smell the smell. Chet sniffed around quite a bit and then decided to get more men to smell the smell, trying to determine what it is and where it comes from. Soon a small group of men and women walked around smelling the smell. An EMT from Ohio said it is something dead, plus I had not seen Paul sitting out front for a couple of weeks. The EMT's conclusion was to get somebody to investigate the smell. After investigation the smell and not finding the source but being assured it is not Paul, we visited a bit and got acquainted. It was a good evening. Thank you deputies for the service you do to keep us safe, even if it is just smelling the smell.    


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    1. Thanks Rhonda. I love these unexpected encounters with such people.