Wednesday, June 10, 2015

#23 Squirrels' Peanut Party

Okay, I am back again after missing more than a week. I didn't take my real computer with me and, well to say the least I hate Chrome Books. They don't have enough storage to even think of editing pictures, so I just gave up on photos while in North Carolina, except take a few iPhone pics. 

I returned home yesterday  flying in from Charlotte NC to Sarasota on a non-stop flight. Tonight I biked to the park with a full container of peanuts for the squirrels. When I came into the park, there was not a single squirrel in sight. So I decided okay, I will bike around and make my presence known. I sat down my the creek for a while and as I turned to leave I saw in my rear view mirror a squirrel running after me, so I stopped and gave him some peanuts.  I don't know how the word spread but by the time I came off the bike trail and to the shuffleboard court, the squirrels were waiting for me. I threw and dropped peanuts until my container was empty.  Then I saw Curly in the shuffleboard court having a keen interest in watching the squirrels. Curly is still a dog with a dog nature, but because he is a well trained dog, sitting next to his master made no move to mess up the squirrels' Peanut Party.

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