Thursday, June 25, 2015

#38 My Wasp Nest

While I was gone on a trip a couple of weeks ago these wasps set up house keeping under my air conditioner, next to my front door. I knew from past experiences that we can live in peace if we give each other their rightful space. So we never interfered with each other until today. But today I accidentally collided with one of them as I stepped outside my door. The wasp touched my nose and started to sink his stinger in when I quickly brushed it off and we parted ways. I didn't know if they are going to go after me when I return home to get revenge, but time will tell. A couple of hours later I returned and entered my house just like normal. So we are at peace, each one knowing we are not out to destroy one another. 

A couple of years ago I intentionally swatted them and those wasps remembered me in anger and were always ready and waiting for me as soon as I opened my door. Needless to say those wasps were destroyed and their nest torn down. 

Wasps are valuable in the circle of life. They make their nest, lay a wasp egg in each compartment, go out and find spiders and other small insects, use their stinger to paralyze each insect, then carry them back to the nest and store them with each egg. When the egg hatches into a larva, the larva eats the paralyzed insects for nourishment and grows into another healthy wasp with a stinger. And so the cycle continues generation after generation of wasps.  

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