Thursday, July 9, 2015

#52 The Death of my Wasps

Today my wasps died. While I was gone for twelve days the first of June, this specific swarm decided to nest under the air conditioner next to my front door. I let them stay, knowing from past experiences that if we give each other space all will be well. 

They came and went and I did the same. Everything was fine until the mailman dropped off a package. He saw the wasps and told me about it as he was very concerned less I get stung. I didn't bother telling him the wasps and I are friends, because common sense told me to get rid of the nest. I didn't get rid of the nest as I didn't have spray and didn't want to mess with it. 

Today a couple of weeks later there was another knock on my door. It was the mailman with a package for me and a spray bomb in other his hand. He had sprayed the wasps and had them all dead except one before he even knocked on my door. I thanked him profusely, closed the door and burst out laughing for it struck me so funny. I apologized to the dead wasps but I am glad they are gone.  Tonight I knocked off their nest, less more settle in. 

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