Sunday, July 19, 2015

#61 The Corn Crib

Yesterday when I saw this corn crib, it finally soaked in how families from the previous generation used to live in a cron crib. Whenever Marie Beachy (Yup Marie) related how they used to live in a corn crib I always visualized an Ohio cron crib which no person could survive.  But seeing this midwestern corn crib, I realize that a person could fix this up for living quarters.  


  1. How sheltered I have been! In Virginia, a corn crib is a small structure with slatted sides so that air can move through it, drying the (field) corn and thus preventing spoilage. What makes a small barn a 'crib'?

  2. Isn't a small barn a crib because this is what the local people call it? In Ohio a small barn was a small barn and a corn crib was something else.