Friday, August 21, 2015

#89 Yard Sale Books

Stella Kaufman is being cared for at the Leroy Weaver place on Hacienda Street. So today and tomorrow her family is having a Yard Sale to dispose the things she doesn't need or want anymore. 

Obviously Stella loves to read and I browsed through her books, bought and left with these four books. I picked these books because: in times past I wanted to read "I Dared to Call Him Father" but never got the book. 

I have read "Tobias of the Amish" some years ago. I bought it because I want to add it to my true Amish books, plus Tobias was a man that thought out of the box. He was not a typical Amish person. I identify with him. 

  "Separate from the World" by P.L. Gaus. He is the author of Amish Mystery fiction books. I have never read an Amish mystery book, so I want to see what it is all about. 

"The Shepherd of the Hills" is an old book with the copyright dating back to 1907. I think back 40 or so years ago people treasured this book. I don't know why it was special to them but I intend to find out by reading it. I started reading it this afternoon.    


  1. I read Shepherd of the Hills many years ago, and am in the middle of Listening to it on audio! Yes, an old book, but good!

  2. I liked Tobias of the Amish. There is also a book called "Emma" who I think was his mother? That was good, too. Shepherd of the Hills was interesting but it never grabbed me like it did so many people. Maybe you'll be lucky and fall in love with it.

    1. After I am finished reading Shepherd of the Hills, I will let someone else have it. I am enjoying it but I doubt I will read it twice.