Monday, August 24, 2015

#92 Martha's Treasure

Some time ago Martha Raber formerly from Nappanee Indiana moved into Pinecraft to take care of her three aunts. All three lost their husbands so they were widows and lived alone. But the time came when none of the three were able to care for themselves. After all they were in their upper 80's & low 90's. Fannie lives in Pinecraft and so Minnie and Laura moved in with her and Martha came down to be with them. Minnie was the first of the three to pass away. A week ago Laura, age 92 died. 

Before Laura died they were in the process of sorting through her belongings, making decisions of what she still needs, what is trash and what will be sold at her sale. Laura had put this little red child's purse in the trash and Martha rescued it. 

Martha's grandmother, which was the mother of Laura, Minnie and Fannie made these purses by the dozens to sell when Martha was about five years old. Martha was five at that time and helped her Grandmother by turning them right side out and put them on display ready to sell. For memories' sake Martha wished for one such purse.  But it seemed nobody in the family had one, but that changed when Laura sorted through her toy box and put this one in the trash. The thread was unraveling and to Laura it was trash but to Martha is is a treasure. It is a beautiful treasure.


  1. Just curious if Laura's last name was Yoder? I stayed with her at one time.

    1. Yes, Laura Yoder from Sunnyside church.

  2. This is interesting, Katie. May God Bless you.