Saturday, August 29, 2015

#96 Red Beet Wine

I have been making some wine for about eight years or so. Like everything else that is a hobby, once the challenge is met it grows old and I sort of loose interest. Lately this has been happening with the wine making. Maybe the wine making will revive providing this batch turns out well. 

I eat red beets like some people eat candy. I remember well when I was about four years old,  all of my Mom's and Dad's children had a red beet craze. It came to the point that we had red beets only for Saturday evening supper with our brote (bread) and milk soup and our limit was only two pieces of pickled red beets per child. I don't remember for how many years the limit was two beets per child, but the time came when none of us could look at a red beet, for we had our fill. 

And now I love red beets again. It pained me the last few times after cooking the beets, I poured the rich red juice down the drain, but then I remembered Dad making Red Beet wine whenever Mom cooked a kettle of red beets, So I went on the Internet in search for such a recipe. I found probably the one that Dad used, titled "Amish Red Beet Wine."  

Yesterday after cooking six red beets, I fished them out of the juice and poured in two pounds of sugar and turned the heat on to dissolve the sugar. Next I strained the juice and poured the hot liquid into a gallon jug and filled it up with more water. Then I poured in one pack of yeast and twenty minutes later I had a volcano in the kitchen sink. The volcano spewed for about six hours, until 10:30. Then it formed a crater and is still blowing air but not spewing. If this turns out to be a success I am going to quit buying fruit for wine use the red beet juice. I am eager to see how this turns out. 

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