Friday, October 16, 2015

#145 The White Sewing Machine

This old sewing machine got on the Melard bus today, heading for Christian Aid Ministries. The story behind this, David & Susie Borntrager were at Habitat for Humanity when they were approached by this person that said he has a sewing machine for them. This was his grandmother's machine, which she was still using almost up to the day she died. But he made this family member promise he will give it to someone that will use the machine and not sell it for an antique. So when David & Susie arrived at that store the man knew who gets the sewing machine. Hopefully it will make its way to a 3rd world country and let it be put to use.   


  1. That is antique, the lots of latest machines come in the market, but the experts know the worth of this machine, that is really amazing sewing machine from your grandmother. see