Monday, November 9, 2015

#164 Liver Spread

The very first time I had tasted Liver Spread was soon after we moved to Cookeville. One morning Sylvi Villenuve opened a pint jar of some sort of strange looking meat. She said it is Chicken Liver Spread and you spread it on toast straight out of the jar and eat it cold. I nearly gaged but I knew I had to at least give it a try, just one time. So I bravely took the jar and dug out a bit of Liver Spread to put it on my toast. I took a tiny bite and to my utter surprise it was delicious. Ever after that time Rosie Kuhns and I wanted Liver Spread whenever Sylvi did the breakfast. We would even ask for it if it wasn't on the table. 

Later I made some Liver Spread but it never tasted as good as Sylvi's, that is not until today. About twice a year the Sunnyside church gets together and processes up to four grass-fed organic raised beef for their congregation or whoever wants meat. Erma from across the street offered me a hunk of liver. I gladly accepted it for I knew what I am going to do with it. And so tonight I am enjoying the best Liver Spread I ever made and it tastes every bit as good as Sylvi's did twenty-four years ago. Thank you Sylvi for introducing me to Liver Spread.     


  1. I have my own special recipe I use...just curious what you use in yours and do you always can it???

  2. I didn't follow a specific recipe. Sylvi's recipe was about as much onions and garlic as liver, with salt and pepper. I used the crock pot as I had just finished rendering beef tallow for my face cream. So instead of cleaning the pot I left some finished tallow in, added Olive Oil, two garlics and an onion and cooked those for a while before adding the liver, salt and pepper. After cooling I put it in a chopper and in short order it resembled light brown chocolate pudding. I only made a small portion. Erma told me to ask for more liver whenever I want some, as she has a good size piece in her freezer. How long do you can your spread?

  3. Wow!! That sounds delicious! I want to print this out and try it.