Friday, November 13, 2015

#168 Thanksgiving Dinner

Tonight was the annual Thanksgiving dinner at The Tourist Mennonite Church in Pinecraft. This year their church members could each invite one guest. The guests are normally older men and women who have lost their marriage partner in death, or older single people who have never been married, or old couples who still have each other. Tonight I was Laura Nisley's guest. She was the one who invited and waited for me at the corner of Bimini and Kaufman. So we scootered and biked to the church together. We were greeted at the door by David Borntrager who ushered us in. At five o'clock we went through the food line, filled our plates and got our seats.  The preachers and their wives served tables. It was a good evening. I have lived in Pinecraft long enough to know almost all of them by name.    

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