Monday, November 23, 2015

#178 Jockey Sam's Katie

Last week my Mom's cousin Amos, Mary and her husband Andy stopped in for a visit. Today Dad's cousin Jockey Sam's Katie gave me a visit. Katie's mother Mary was my grandmother Susanna's youngest sister. I will say it again, I love when I meet up with my parents' cousins, because it connects me with that generation.  My Troyer Mommy had only two sisters. They were Sharp Atlee Katie and Jockey Sam Mary. I don't know how many brothers these three sisters had but there were lots of them.    


  1. Hi Mom,
    I hope you are having a blast in Florida. You sure are beautiful. Jockey Sam and Jockey Sam Mary were the best Doddy, and Mommy ever!
    I love you Mom!,

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