Monday, March 21, 2016

#289 Ohio Women

Holmes County Ohio women. I don't know if they all live in Holmes County as Holmes County Amish consists of five counties - Holmes, Wayne, Stark, Coshocton and Tuscarawas.

 But anyways these are Leff John's Levi's Arie married to Eli Mast. 

 Bill Davy Clara, we used to pick strawberries in their huge patch years ago when we were children. I think the going price was about 10 cents for every quart we picked. The money from Bill Davy went to our parents. Then we got paid a penny or two at home for every quart we picked. 

Next is Fred  Hershberger's wife Lovina. When I was in third grade we were in the same neighborhood as Fred's parents and his sister Betty. 

Today I learned to know Malinda. her parents are Pep John and Marlene. My sisters worked as hired maids when Malinda and some of her siblings were born.  

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