Thursday, April 7, 2016

#305 Die Botschaft

Tonight I paged through Die Botschaft and read a bit here and there. It is the Old Order Amish & Mennonite version of The Budget. I had no clue how many Old Order Settlements there are in the United States and Canada, in comparison to thirty-five years ago. Back then I lived at Aylmer Ontario and worked at Pathway Publishers in the main office taking care of 20,000+ subscriptions and address changes so I pretty well knew where the majority of the Plain People lived. But time brings changes for now I read Facebook and Blogger and Word Press.  

This is probably the only and last time I will read Die Botschaft for who knows how long? It was in the mailbox addressed to my winter neighbor and they are no longer in Florida. Ezra Yoder said I can keep Die Botschaft instead of sending it up to Indiana to their home. 

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  1. I've gotten this paper for up to 10 years already, or longer. I enjoy it, especially since I have some relatives that write in there. I do read only 1/8 or so of the letters... Since I come from Mennonite background, I read those, but have a couple Amish ones I try not to miss. :-)