Tuesday, April 26, 2016

#323 The Blue Trimmed House

Generations come and generations go, this is true for people. It is also true for houses and homesteads. Most likely this house will not be remodeled whenever the owners decide to spend the winter months in here, for the house is in very poor shape. My first time inside this house was around 2006 when I helped play "Marble" with previous owners Jacob Freid and his wife Peg, Albert and Emma Miller from Hartville Ohio and Elam who lived next door. They needed a sixth player and so I was invited to play.  Playing Marbles with these old people was an eye-opener to me. They were all old and sort of in their second childhood. The women were meek and mild while their husbands were a bit more aggressive. Elam was just Elam. His wife helped play if she was in the mood and if she wasn't in the mood, they would give me a call and I filled in. 

When Jacob and Peg were too old to come down they sold to a young couple who isn't ready to spend the winters down here, so it is being rented out. Carl & Gert McClure rented it for a number of years until they moved on Yoder Street. Someone else is renting it now.   

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  1. I love the blue trim, and how houses have a history of their own. It's cute and could really be something with a little work.