Friday, September 23, 2011

Day # 19- The Bank's Measuring Stick

This is not a good picture but it is the best I can do because of the lighting. I think if you click on the picture you can see the numbers between the two doors.

Anyway this morning I went to the local bank to make a deposit. Both of the tellers were busy and so I waited. And so I had to wait, which was okay. For whenever I wait I take in my surroundings. It was then when I saw these numbers. They start at four & one-half, five, five& a half, six, six&a half. The last number is way up almost on the door jam. I double looked at them and saw that the numbers are spaced evenly, six inches apart. It looked exactly like the thing in a doctor's office where the heights of each person is measured, but in a bank, between two doors? I decided it is a decoration and a strange one at that in a strange place.

So when it was my turn to make my deposit, I asked Jill the teller if I may ask a stupid question? She said, "Yes". So I asked, "Is that a measuring stick between the two doors?" I was sure she is going to say, "No" but instead she said, "Yes".   I still thought it was just a strange decoration and so I looked at it again and said,"I don't even reach up to it." And just like that Jill said, "Don't you take something and sneak out the door." And only then did the light bulb go on in my head, and I asked, "You mean that stick measures people when they go out the door" and she said, "Yes". I might be about the only person or one of the few that can get away with sneaking stuff out of the bank. But rest assured I am not going to try any such thing. But it struck me funny imaging a gang of my "Little Friends" giving it a try.  

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  1. I have never heard of such a thing.. Don't blame ya I wouldn't try..