Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day #20, Junior

I can never remember Junior's last name but anyway most every evening if I am up at Yoder's between 6 and 7 o'clock I meet up with Junior when he picks up a meal either at the deli or the carry out at the restaurant. Tonight he stopped for a visit. I appreciate his honesty and his perspective on situations. He said he may not go into the restaurant. He didn't give any reason why not and I know what happened so I never asked him. He said he is making a positive thing out of a negative situation. The negative thing is he can't eat in the restaurant, the positive thing is, it saves him money. Thumbs up for his positive mindset.

I saw his many pens in his shirt pocket. I counted them. There were six of them. I asked him if I may have a picture of his pens? He said "Yes" and so I did.  He collects pens and has three boxes of pens at home. Probably some day those pens are going to have some value.

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