Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day # 21, Biking Shoes

Today or rather this evening I was afraid I will not get outside to look for a photo for today, as it rained most of this afternoon. Evening came and the rain drops were still rolling slowly from the roof and I looked around in desperation for something worthwhile to shoot at. I found my biking shoes waiting at the door, waiting until I slipped them on and then unlock the door and get on my bike.

These shoes are almost worn to shreds. They have been faithfully taking me pedaling for almost three years. I have a hard time finding shoes that fit me and when I finally come across a pair, I can hardly part with them and so I wear them until they fall apart.


  1. Your shoes look extremely comfortable. I have always liked shoes pictures. piles of shoes, disgarded shoes, carefully arranged shoes. The way somebody kicks their shoes off at the door always gives a small glimpse of the person that wears them. :)

  2. I just now took a double look at my shoes in order to get a glimpse of myself.