Monday, September 26, 2011

Day #22 - Tim Walking the Dogs

Tim on his daily walks with the dogs. Most times when Tim is walking his dogs and if he sees me in time he takes to one of the side streets, thinking I am scared of his dogs. But the truth is, I am not afraid. I have seen only one dog in training that did not instantly obey Tim's commandments. Like I said, that specific dog was in training. It is not that the dog tried anything or even came close to me, he just didn't obey. But these two dogs are okay, especially if Tim or his wife is walking them. Today they were still a long ways off when they spied me and their ears went up and stayed up until we passed each other.

In the winter time Tim and the dogs have to share the streets with the tourists. I don't know if sharing the streets is saying it right as it is more like Tim can hardly get out on the street because of the crowds of people. But such is life in Pinecraft.

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