Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day #23, The Old Red Truck

I love this old rattle-trap of a truck belonging to Robert and Nora. It looks like Nora is hiding her face from the camera, but she wasn't. She was simply looking the other way and adjusting her glasses or maybe it was her hair. She never found out when I took this picture, except she knew I did because she saw the camera disappearing into my bag.
Robert & Nora love to watch the bus come in. They are not there when the bus comes in every time, but I would guess about half of the time. Today was such a day, the Pioneer Bus came in.


  1. Our neighbor across the street has an old red truck and the more I look at it, the more I appreciate it. I bet it could tell some stories!

  2. I like to wonder what all a truck/tree/house has seen. Has it seen anger, sadness, sin, desperation, hard work, laziness, bitter grief? I told AJ today that when his children are having children, his Dad and I will die to make room for the next generation. He was quite perturbed and said "no, you won't have to die, there is plenty of room for everybody, look over there in that field, there is nobody there, and you could live in Africa too". :)

  3. If these old trucks could only talk!