Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day #25 - Fixing my Bike

Since the end of July, I had a new bike. I just never thought a new bike wouldn't ride well, well not like my old bike did which I had for 18 years more or less. But I needed a new one and so I bought a new one. Herman Mullet picked up the new bike at the factory and assembled it. I love the red look and the clean healthy wheels that just spin along the ground and take me all over Pinecraft and a little bit beyond. But all along the bike had a funny squeak or squeal. The noise came and went. I didn't know if it was serious or not but as long as the bike took me places I wasn't going to complain. All of this was fine until last evening when the bike quit squeaking and squealing, instead it hollered and locked up on me. David Borntrager looked a bit at it and told me to come back this morning and so I did. It didn't take David & Susie long to see what the problem was and made a few adjustments concerning the the set screws because they were rubbing on the frame and got caught now and then. The fixing last for a bit but not for long and so tonight I gave Herman a call and he promised to look at the bike. For the last two years we don't have a bike guy in Pinecraft during the summer months, so I snag whoever I can get a hold of when it comes to tuning up my bike.

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