Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day #6 - Sam

Today's post is about Sam, the man in the background. Sam Hostetler is my neighbor from across the street.   He has lived a very busy active life as a younger man, but now he is retired. He is retired from just about everything that consists of life because he has Alzheimer's. His wife Martha bears the heavier load of making discussions and helping Sam where he needs help. He does a lot of walking the streets which is good for him. And every time I meet up with him he is always cheerful and has a good sense of humor. I have never seen him upset in any shape or form. I am sure he has his moments for we all do at times, but when I meet him he is always praising the Lord God and rejoicing in the beautiful day God has given us. He plays the harmonica and wins the marble game. At least he help win the marble games last night. We played four marble games and Sam, Anna Wengerd and I won three out of four games. The other ladies were good sports at loosing three games. After an evening like last night I am convinced growing old is not a thing to dread, it can be a blessing.

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  1. I am only 56 and will be 57 in Dec. I love the fact of growing older. My girls are growing up, 2 of them are married and then our youngest 18 & 15 still have a way to go. I love having the grandchildren and looking forward to having time for my husband and myself. The Lord is so good to us.