Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day # 30 - Goldie and Annie

My neighbor across the street, Erma has only one sister. So when Erma takes a trip, Sarah baby sits Erma's dog Annie and vise verse. Since Sarah and her husband Lester are on a three-four week trip Erma is taking care of their dog Goldie. Tonight Erma discovered or came to the realization that Goldie is smarter than her Annie and she can hardly take it. It is so hard on her pride or whatever. The reason Erma knows Goldie knows more than Annie does is because there is a squirrel in this huge Oak tree that daily plays hide-and-seek with Annie. Tonight the game is on. Goldie looks up the tree and sees the squirrel, then sits back and keeps her mouth shut with a grin. While Annie continues to walk around and around that tree trying to find the squirrel. And Erma, well it is hard on her dear heart.

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